NEWS on implant innovations

3D blood vessel printing (research)

3D printing enters brave new world

3D printing technologies for soft and hard tissue regeneration

3D printing to aid tissue replacement

A high-performance speech neuroprosthesis

A new generation of optical cochlear implants is expected to improve hearing performance

AI robot may help heal bones

An enzymatic pathway that converts A to universal O type blood

Are hackers attacking medical implants?

Artificial intelligence supports the production of facial implants

Auditory brainstem implants – hearing restoration in congenitally deaf children

Biocompatible mini energy storage device for direct diagnosis in the body

bioprinting tissue-like constructs capable of controlled, complex shape change

Bioprinting- 3D printing of lung scaffolds

Bone growth inspired “microrobots” that can create their own bone

Brain implant enables ALS patients to communicate with the world outside

Brain interfaces could let paralyzed people speak at almost normal speeds

Brain stimulation boosts hearing in rats with ear implants

Brain-Computer-Interface: Focus on diamond-based quantum sensors

Controlled release of soy isoflavones from multifunctional 3D printed bone tissue engineering scaffolds

Converting blood type A donor lungs into universal blood type lungs

Dassault Systèmes’ Living Heart Project Reaches Next Milestones

Decoding the business of brain–computer interfaces

Development of rupture-resistant bioprostheses for aortic aneurysms

Digital light 3D printing of customized bioresorbable airway stents

Epidural stimulation of the cervical spinal cord for post-stroke upper-limb paresis

Experimental insulin implant uses electricity to control genes

First drug to grow new teeth

FRESH 3D Bioprinting a Full-Size Model of the Human Heart

Fully implantable and bioresorbable cardiac pacemakers without leads or batteries

High-performance brain-to-text communication via handwriting

Hip replacement: virtual surgical training with haptic technology (Interview)

Human materials for 3D printing human tissue

Human tissue 3D printer under development (Cellbricks)

implant, that turns brain waves into words

Implantable cooler to temporarily block nerve conduction and ease pain

Implanted System for Orthostatic Hypotension in Multiple-System Atrophy

Implants: When technology makes sense – quite literally

Injectable Conductive Hydrogels with Tunable Degradability as Novel Implantable Bioelectrodes

Intestinal plasters

Magnet-controlled bioelectronic implant could relieve pain

Medtronic launches InterStim neurostim leads in U.S.

Microimplants should enable new therapies against common diseases

Microimplants: electricity instead of pills (Interview)

Musk intends to implant brain computer chips in humans in 2023

Nerve stimulation with the help of implantable mini solar cells

Neuroprosthesis for Decoding Speech in a Paralyzed Person with Anarthria

Neuroprosthesis for Decoding Speech in a Paralyzed Person with Anarthria

Novel brain pacemaker first used for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Optogenetic cochlear implant to improve hearing

Paving the Way for Electronic Organs-on-a-Chip

Perfectly fitting knee joints from the 3-D printer

Platform for testing, development and approval of cardiovascular implants planned

Poietis Automates the Manufacturing of Biological Tissue

Research network in Hanover conducts research on intelligent implants

Retina chip implanted

Second Historic Transplant of Pig Heart into Patient

Self-healing capacity of fiber-reinforced calcium phosphate cements

Sensitive drill for hearing implants

Sights on implantable ‘living pharmacy’

Spatially Heterogeneous Tubular Scaffolds for In Situ Heart Valve Tissue Engineering Using Melt Electrowriting

Spelling interface using intracortical signals enabled neurofeedback training

Spelling interface using intracortical signals in a completely locked-in patient enabled via auditory neurofeedback training

Spinal cord implant for locomotor deficits due to Parkinson’s disease

Spinal cord neuromodulation rapidly restores trunk and leg motor functions after complete paralysis

Textile replacement for tympanic membrane and hip endoprosthesis

The Kidney Project successfully tests a prototype bioartificial kidney

The sensitivity of bone conduction for dental implants

Tracking Lab-Grown Tissue With Light

Visualization of USPIO-labeled melt-electrowritten scaffolds by non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging

When the pacemaker is hacked