Research network in Hanover conducts research on intelligent implants

Researchers from a wide range of disciplines will work together to develop intelligent implant systems for the dental, skeletal and hearing areas, which for the first time will allow continuous monitoring of implant function and thus early detection of complications such as infections.
Intelligent implant systems are to be developed that can independently initiate early repair and thus healing via cell-based, chemical and physical so-called closed-loop systems.

Such autonomous systems should, for example, chemically obtain a “healing” function via the release of antibacterial agents from the implant surface. Limitations due to a limited supply of active substances on the implant could be overcome by a biological solution in which suitable cells integrated into the implant surface theoretically produce antibacterial substances without limit.

Another approach in this research network is that the patient perspective is also included in all research and development steps.

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br/pm (anonymus) zm online 31.05.2021 (german original)
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