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3D printing technology could save animal testing


Biocompatible mini energy storage device for direct diagnosis in the body

bioprinting tissue-like constructs capable of controlled, complex shape change

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Consent for chip implants in the population increases

Controlled release of soy isoflavones from multifunctional 3D printed bone tissue engineering scaffolds

Converting blood type A donor lungs into universal blood type lungs


Criminals fake implants with 3-D-tools

Dental Treatment recommendations after organ transplantation (german guideline)

Dental Treatment recommendations before organ transplantation (german guideline)

Dental treatment recommendations of children before and after organ transplantation

Depression, Antidepressants, and Bone Health in Older Adults

Does SARS-CoV-2 cause implant losses?

Eudamed database: Registration as economic operator possible from 01.12.20

Experts for secure health data exchange

How does the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic (COVID-19) affect medical technology? (German original)

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Human materials for 3D printing human tissue

Human tissue 3D printer under development (Cellbricks)

Medical Device Biocompatibility – Toxicological / Biological Safety Assessments

Metal-Specific Biomaterial Accumulation in Human Peri-Implant Bone and Bone Marrow

Metal‐Specific Biomaterial Accumulation in Human Peri‐Implant Bone and Bone Marrow

Microimplants should enable new therapies against common diseases

More pragmatic randomized studies with a focus on registry-based trials

Musk intends to implant brain computer chips in humans in 2023

On Implant-Registries: Implant registries represent an additional benefit for the patient

Organs in miniature format

Organs in miniature format

Research network in Hanover conducts research on intelligent implants

SARS-CoV-2: CO2 traffic signals can be used as an orientation guide for good or bad ventilation.

Satisfaction with Total Knee Prosthesis (german)

Scientific investigation of sterile packaged medical devices (german original)

Sensitive drill for hearing implants

Spelling interface using intracortical signals enabled neurofeedback training

Studies on the Mechanisms of Anti-Inflammatory Activity Coatings on Dental Implants

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Tracking Lab-Grown Tissue With Light

Visualization of USPIO-labeled melt-electrowritten scaffolds by non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging

Wait time for hip fracture surgery – association

Wi-Fi-band wireless energy harvesting

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchung steril verpackter Medizinprodukte