Organs in miniature format

In vitro processes and animal tests are used to develop new medications and novel therapeutic approaches. However, animal testing raises important ethical concerns. Organ-on-a-chip models promise to be a feasible alternative. In a system the size of a smartphone, organs are connected using artificial circulation.
As an alternative to animal experiments, scientist have relied on the Petri dish to grow or culture cells….The key advantage of organ-on-a-chip models is that they replicate the natural environment found in human cells in specific organs and tissues at microscale.

3D printing technology makes the fabrication of the “organ-on-a-chip” models or chips possible…..The three-dimensional organ-on-a-chip models are a substantial advancement in medical technology and represent the next generation following two-dimensional cell culture.

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Elena O’Meara Medica Magazine, 02/01/2019
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