how to use (for scientists)


We do not see ourselves as a scientific platform. We want to inform all those interested in and affected by implants. Nevertheless, we have noticed that our website is often used by scientists for general information and we are pleased about that. We are grateful for any suggestions. You may use the contact form.


Certain implants whose names are known can be found most quickly via via the “SEARCH BUTTON” or you use the specific engines according to anatomy, products or companies. Registered companies are directly linked to their website.

Literature/ News

We collect basic literature about implants and new developments in this field. These can be found under “NEWS” or with keywords via the “SEARCH BUTTON”.

Scientific societies

We provide what is probably the most comprehensive list of all scientific associations under “SOCIETIES” that deal with implants. Where possible, we link directly to these societies.


We show special congresses and fairs under “MEETINGS“. You may keep us informed.


For special projects, such as specific scientific studies or congresses, we will find sponsors if you do not have direct contact with them. For this we charge a handling fee to the sponsors.

Scientific studies

We can support scientific investigations with our data material or carry out contract investigations. These are calculated according to the effort and requirements. We are the only facility that collects data directly not only from physicians, but also from patients. However, this is still in the early stages. We are grateful for any support in this.