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rivate and public institutions, societies, insurances

Being completely independent from any commercial or political interests, untouched by lobbys, we are in a position to carry out commissioned work in the field of implantology. This concerns, for example, expected developments and market assessments, which can serve as a basis for political decisions or for institutions involved in the market such as insurance companies. These tasks must be defined as precisely as possible in advance, are results-open and are calculated according to the expenditure. Send us your problem or call us and you will receive feasibility and cost information.

We can also find scientific institutions for special questions, prepare feasibility studies and establish cooperations.

Register your institution, society

You can register your institution or society to have some benefits. Ask us.

Updating your institution, society

Institutions or public  societies also sometimes need an update. Loosing acceptance, loosing members. There are many ways to help.

Reach members, possible fellows
With our newsletters we can address different target groups.

Register implants of patients

If the implants placed by your members place are not automatically registered in your country or by your professional association or if you just want to use an independent additional institution, you can obtain registration packages for patients or as a service for the members of your society. Ask for special conditions.

Connecting your doctors with our doctor lists

You can connect doctor or clinic lists with this website. So patients can find the right place to be treated.


If you like us and like to support the independence of implant information. We´re happy  to get your support.



→ You are easy to find, always linked to your homepage
→ Members, not-yet-members, partners find you easily
→ Your events, congresses are published regularly
→ You show, that you support transparency

→ You help patients, scientists and yourself keeping implant matters up to date
→ Building a community interested in the progress of implants
→ You can use the registration with number, the certificate and the logo 
→ You can make your member lists and search portals available to a wider public.

But sorry, we take no sponsoring for advertisement on general pages, no gold or whatsoever sponsors. This is possible at newsletters and bulletins, that can be sent to specific target groups.
Consider whether you can support the implant registry with a DONATION. It goes straight into the program.



You will find warnings about implants here.

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