Implant-Register/implantwiki® Netiquette


By using the IMPLANT-REGISTER/implantwiki® messaging services and accepting this netiquette, you confirm that you will not post messages with discriminatory, offensive or criminal content. All posts/messages express the views of the respective author. IMPLANT-REGISTER/implantwiki® does not adopt their content as its own and, despite checking, does not guarantee the correctness, completeness and availability of the texts communicated.

IMPLANT-REGISTER/implantwiki® takes care that only contributions are published whose content does not violate applicable law and observes netiquette. Those who do not comply with this must accept that their contribution will be returned for correction or will not be published. There will be no discussion about this.

By accepting these rules, you confirm that you will not write any posts with discriminatory, offensive or criminally relevant content.

Netiquette in detail

Do not forget that your texts are read by other people.
Write the way you want to be addressed yourself. Remember that your posts are readable worldwide. Do not let yourself be tempted to make abusive or impolite statements. Don’t write anything you wouldn’t say to someone face-to-face.

Express yourself clearly, argue facts, and be brief.
You will make it easier for the readers of your contribution to read and understand.

First read, then think, then post!
The risk of misunderstandings is high. Therefore, make sure your message contains what you want to say. Make sure that no automatic text correction has altered your text.

Please stay on topic.
Use new messages for different topics.

Remember that your statements are public statements.
No one can prevent your texts from being printed or further distributed by mail. Every statement you make is de jure a public statement. Therefore, think about the consequences that your contribution may have for you.

Pay attention to legal regulations.
It is legal to post short excerpts from copyrighted works. Don’t forget to include a comprehensible source reference, if possible with a link. Anything beyond that is illegal and may result in claims for damages against you by the copyright holder. Copying entire texts from other media is a violation of copyright law. Small quotations interrupted by your own comments are permitted. Copyrighted works include newspaper articles, book texts, programs, images, etc.

Do not send contributions that contain advertising.
These will not be published.

IMPLANT-REGISTER/implantwiki® is not a discussion forum.
We respect factually expressed opinions of participants and leave it to the readers to draw their own judgment.

Refrain from personal attacks, statements of an insulting nature and the use of gutter language.
Clear wording is not bad, but if it goes beyond that, the message will not be published. The same goes for grossly disparaging remarks about colleagues, patients, materials, products. Keep it factual and remember that individual experiences (“anecdotes”) are helpful and welcome. However, they cannot be generalized. Remember to be scientific.

Do not call for confrontational behaviors.
Do not publish targeted calls such as boycotts against individuals or companies. Stick to the facts and keep in mind that calls may have legal consequences against you, as may unobjective statements. Make sure that you do not violate any laws with your contributions.