how to use (for companies)


If you prefer it simple: search information about implants and companies on the implants page and if you want to participate with your company, go to the page for companies.
Some more explanations follow here:

Registration (of your company)

If you want to register your company or a product, you can do it with the forms here. Or simply write an e-mail and be guided. Don´t worry, final publication goes on double-check.


As described in our statutes, we do not accept advertising on our general pages. We want to ensure that the presentations are both fair and that all participants have the same opportunities.

There are two exceptions:
– Product pages: Advertising and direct linking is possible on company and product pages, also directly to selling platforms – in a given frame.
– Newsletter: In our newsletters, advertising blocks can be inserted depending on the addresses contacted.
Advertising is always marked as such.
Ask for it.

Market Information

Use our lists via the “SEARCH” function to get an overview of the market area you are interested in.

Special market overview/information

With our data material and scientific research we create reports in the field of implantology. Send us your problem or call us and you will receive feasibility and cost information.


If you want to support what ever you like in the implantology scene through sponsoring and you don’t know who and how. Ask us, we try to help and network.
Of course, we ourselves are happy to receive donations as long as they do not violate our independence and transparency.

Register implants of patients

If the implants you produce are not automatically registered in your country or by a professional association or if you just want to use an independent additional institution, you can obtain registration packages for patients or as a service for the doctors using your implants.

Different language

The basic language of the Implant Register is English. We offer an automatic translation into various languages, knowing that this does not always meet the necessary requirements. We therefore offer a directly selectable translation into the desired language(s). You can support this, if your language is not represented as you like.