how to use (for doctors and clinics)


Implant, Company Search

If you are looking for an overview of possible implants or companies for your specialty, select the search via “SEARCH / BY ANATOMY”.

We don´t give product or company recommendations. Use directly the information in the register or on the websites of the companies. If you are looking for companies or manufacturers for a specific anatomical area, you can create lists under “SEARCH / BY PRODUCT”.

Certain implants whose names are known can be found most quickly via “GLOBAL SEARCH”. If you are not sure what name, you can search under “SEARCH / BY PRODUCT” alphabetically or by anatomical region.

Find all forms here.

Company/Producer Search

Certain companies, whose names you know, can be found fastest via “GLOBAL SEARCH”. If you are not sure what name, you may search under “SEARCH / BY COMPANY” alphabetically or by anatomical regions. There the products are listed and in many cases also further information about individual implants can be accessed by click. Registered companies are directly linked to their website.


Some manufacturers do not sell their implants directly. If you’re looking for where to buy implants, check out the company pages first. Registered companies are directly linked. Regional/national addresses can be listed under “directions”.

Buy and sell implants

We do not sell implants and do not mediate this. However, we can offer packages on our newsletters.

Register implants of your patients

If the implants you use are not automatically registered in your country or by your professional association or if you just want to use an independent additional institution, you can obtain registration packages for your patients.

Literature / News

We collect basic literature about implants and new developments in this field. These can be found under “NEWS” or with keywords via the “GLOBAL SEARCH FUNCTION”.

Doctor/Clinic Address

We do not (yet) keep lists of doctors or clinics that use certain implants. Patients are referred by us to the scientific societies and manufacturers who maintain such lists. If applicable, inform your company or manufacturer of this possibility. And don´t forget to put yourself on the list. Let us know when new lists have been created.


You will find warnings about implants here.