The use of the implant registry is free. All people interested in implants are welcome. The patients´ and companies’ information is a basic of the register and you can help to keep it up to date. Here you get a unique and complete worldwide survey. With the current representation of your implants and company, you can also help yourself.

Use the forms to communicate. We gladly are ready for any individual inquiries as well:

Join us to show all about implants

Here you find implants worldwide

We list implant companies as we find them and as they are posted

IMPLANT-REGISTER/implantwiki® constantly is looking for companies, manufacturers, supplier, societies, developments in the human implant scene. It aims presenting a list of information around implants well structured and as complete as possible. The first listing provides basic mentioning and is at no cost. IMPLANT-REGISTER/implantwiki® is open to everybody interested in implants: patients, manufacturers, distributors, clinics, scientifics, etc.

Ask for MEDIA INFORMATION via e-mail.

Benefits of beeing registered at low time and low cost

We care the presentation to be fair and transparent.

→ You are easy to find – 7/7 24/24 365/365, an everlasting fair
→ The information given on the page attract more people
→ You are listed in a fair way – in a standardized frame
You show a list of your products
New: implant-related products as well
→ Your presence and special items are linked to your homepage
New: direct linking to regional distributors
→ New: Linking to an online consultancy
→ You show, that you support transparency
→ You are member of the biggest and only global platform for implants
→ You help patients, scientists and yourself keeping implant matters up to date
→ You find and will be found by patients, doctors, business partners, distributors
→ You can refer to the information pages of the Implant-Register®
→ You may show any certifications and awards to the public
→ You can use the registration with number, the certificate and the 

You can show more detailed information like videos or webinars, sales platforms, fairs and many more. We help in all cases.

We will gladly accept donations for tasks that will help to improve the implant registry. Advertisement on your company or product pages or on newsletters is also possible. Contact us!

Fees for this worldwide and permanent presentation are low and help to keep the Implant-Register up-to-date.
(fee: 325€, 2 years period, ask for bulk prices, prolongations are reduced, VAT is added, 7%)


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