NEWS on implant problems

Court orders TÜV to pay damages in breast implant scandal

According to the verdict published the previous day, around 1,600 plaintiff women are to receive provisional compensation of 5,150 euros each, or a total of around 8.2 million euros. Within two years, an expert is to investigate the matter further. TÜV announced that it would appeal against the decision in...

When the breast implant makes sick

In association with breast implants, complications sometimes occur, such as large cell lymphomas and capsular fibrosis. At the annual conference of the German Society for Senology, renowned experts gave advice on how to minimize the risk. In breast reconstruction, the 1-year incidence for capsular fibrosis is about 12% and the...

Paris court awards compensation to women for faulty breast implants

For years, the now insolvent manufacturer PIP had produced implants that were susceptible to rupture. The testing organization TÜV Rheinland had certified the process. A French court has now granted compensation to the complainants. The Paris Court of Appeal on Thursday condemned the testing organization TÜV Rheinland for lack of...

When the pacemaker is hacked

Cybercrime against healthcare facilities is on the rise, and the networking of medical devices opens up numerous gateways for hackers. To protect patients and facilities, all players must cooperate, and the manufacturers of medical devices have a special role to play. Modern hospitals and other healthcare facilities depend on functioning...

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