The hard portion of the connective tissue that constitutes the majority of the skeleton.

It consists of an inorganic component (67%, minerals such as calcium phosphate) and an organic component (33%, collagenous matrix and cells)

  • Cortical bone. Syn.: Compact bone. The noncancellous hard and dense portion of bone consisting largely of concentric lamellar osteons and interstitial lamellae.
  • Lamellar bone. The normal type of mature bone.
  • Cancellous bone. Syn.: Medullary bone, spongy bone, trabecular bone. Bone in which the trabeculae form a three-dimensional latticework with the interstices filled with bone marrow.
  • Woven bone. Syn.: Nonlamellar bone, primary bone, primitive bone, reactive bone. Immature bone encountered where bone is healing or being regenerated.