On Implant-Registries: Implant registries represent an additional benefit for the patient

An implant register can consist of a product and or patient registry. A Clinical Quality Registry (CQR) with treatment data also is conceivable. The quality of the register is determined by the quality of the data collection.
The existence of a register has little benefit for the patient. In addition to the equally important approval procedures, problem management based on a register is crucial for patients. The detection of discrete abnormalities with the help of algorithms (artificial intelligence) can be seen as a project for the future. Besides the decisive parameters for the success of implants such as reliable approval procedures, good education and training of users and a quality-oriented working environment, the implant register represents an additional benefit. Due to the extremely complex nature of the problem, the question of resources has to be asked in relation to the different significance of the various implant applications.
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Ehrl, PA Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health Reviews 4 (2), 03 Aug 2019
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