Dental treatment recommendations of children before and after organ transplantation

This information is primarily intended for practitioners (physicians, dentists) involved in organ transplantation to facilitate coordinated care by the otherwise separate disciplines. The text is an abridged version of a detailed German guideline (here).
Early education of parents prior to organ transplantation about the connection between dental health and possible infections before and after the organ transplantation, as well as consistent dental care by the family dentist or pediatric dentist after the organ transplantation should take place in all children. This is in order to detect and prevent early gingival and/or dental complications.

When gingival hyperplasia occurs, oral hygiene should be the first priority. Surgical therapy may be necessary in severe cases to enable the patient to perform oral hygiene independently again. In these cases, it can be considered with the transplant center whether a change in immunosuppression is indicated.

Odontogenic changes, such as hypodontia, tooth retentions, and enamel defects, can occur in the long-term course of organ transplant children.

Author(s) Source
Heider J, Al-Nawas B et al. S2k-Leitlinie AWMF-Registernummer 083-035, Oct 2021 – Oct 2026 (german original)
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