How does the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic (COVID-19) affect medical technology? (German original)

The companies’ incoming orders in the period January to September 2020 were 7 percent below the previous year’s figure. Smaller companies with less than 200 employees were much more affected than larger firms, with a minus of 12 percent. All in all, the sharp drop in orders gives rise to fears that the economic effects of the medical technology pandemic will extend well into 2021 and perhaps even beyond.

With regard to the development of sales for the year as a whole, the companies surveyed expect a 4 percent decline in sales compared to 2019. The difference in dynamics between large and small companies is most striking here: While companies with fewer than 200 employees expect a 10 percent drop in sales in 2020, respondents from larger companies estimate the decline at only 1 percent.

69 percent assume that digital distribution channels will become more important in the future, a good half expect this to be the case for digital service solutions as well. More than one in five companies anticipate a fundamental change in their business model, and one in ten did not yet dare to assess further developments at the time of the survey.

In addition to the currently already noticeable effects of the Corona crisis, the industry is subject to numerous additional changes. These will be noticeable in three areas in particular: a changed significance of sales markets, medical technology areas and entrepreneurial functions.

The following trends are highlighted:

01 Digital sales and service are on the upswing
02 Accelerated market consolidation
03 New working models and digital collaborations form the “New Normal”
04 Increasing price pressure due to declining revenues of Health Insurances
05 Increasing acceptance of telemedicine and digital ambulatory care concepts
06 Accelerated process digitalization in medical technology and hospitals
07 In-vitro diagnostics, robotics/automation and sensor technology are technology winners
08 Pandemic risk and prevention impact health care
09 Staff shortages in nursing and health care, improved access to engineers
10 Fairs are replaced by digital formats

Author(s) Source
SPECTARIS, Deutscher Industrieverband für
Optik, Photonik, Analysen- und Medizintechnik e.V.
Roland Berger Holding GmbH
MedicalMountains GmbH
Trendreport Medizintechnik, 13.11.2020 (german whitepaper)
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