Converting blood type A donor lungs into universal blood type lungs

Ex vivo enzymatic treatment converts blood type A donor lungs into universal blood type lungs
A major challenge in lung transplantation is the need for ABO blood group matching. To address this challenge, Wang et al. used two enzymes, FpGalNAc deacetylase and FpGalactosaminidase, to convert blood group A lungs to blood group O lungs during ex vivo lung perfusion. The authors demonstrated successful removal of blood group A antigen with no overt changes in lung health. In an ex vivo simulation of transplantation, the authors showed reduced antibody and complement deposition, suggesting that this technique may reduce antibody-mediated injury in vivo. Together, these findings have the potential to improve fairness in lung allocation for transplantation.
The treatment of donor lungs minimized antibody binding, complement deposition, and antibody-mediated injury as compared with control lungs. These results show that depletion of donor lung A-Ag can be achieved with EVLP treatment. This strategy has the potential to expand ABO-incompatible lung transplantation and lead to improvements in fairness of organ allocation.
Author(s) Source
Wang A, Ribeiro RV, Ali A et al. SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE • 16 Feb 2022 • Vol 14Issue 632 • DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.abm7190
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