Musk intends to implant brain computer chips in humans in 2023

Elon Musk and one of his other companies intend to begin testing computer chips in the brain next year. Neuralink will be able to insert the implant into a person’s brain in 06-2023, Musk announced at his startup’s annual press conference. The interface produced by Neuralink will make it possible to communicate directly with computers through thought, he said.
So far, however, the prototypes, which are about the size of a coin, have only been implanted in animals. At the Neuralink presentation, monkeys were shown “playing” simple video games or moving a cursor on a screen with the help of the brain chip. Musk hopes to use the interfaces to cure neurological diseases.
The startup is currently developing other implants to be inserted into the spinal cord or eyes to restore mobility or vision. However, Musk says his primary goal is to ensure that people are not intellectually overwhelmed by artificial intelligence systems.
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afp/, 01.12.2022 (german original)
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