Bioprinting- 3D printing of lung scaffolds

By developing new printer hardware, software and biomaterials, 3D Systems and United Therapeutics have laid the foundations for bioprinting. It is now possible to 3D print highly detailed hydrogel scaffolds that can be perfused with living cells to create tissue.
3D Systems has now built a portfolio of new capabilities specifically targeted at regenerative medicine: The newly developed Print to Perfusion process enables 3D printing of high-resolution scaffolds that can be perfused with living cells to generate tissue. The rapid printing of these large, highly detailed hydrogel scaffolds equipped with blood vessels opens up new possibilities for a range of tissue applications.

Coll Plant is the developer of the proprietary bio-ink technology using recombinant human collagen (rh-Collagen), which is also used in the collaboration with United Therapeutics.

Antleron combines elemental techniques such as 3D printing, bioreactors and artificial intelligence with expertise in bioprocesses to create manufacturing workflows for transforming cells into living structures.

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Quitter D Mission Additive 11.02.2021 (german original)
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