Poietis Automates the Manufacturing of Biological Tissue

While the manufacturing of biological tissue meets major societal demands, it also faces significant challenges related to process standardization and scaling up. With these challenges in mind, the French start-up Poietis has developed the Next Generation Bioprinting (NGB) platform to achieve 4D bioprinting of biological tissue in a faster, more affordable and more functional way.
Fabien Guillemot: First of all, the benefit is to make treatments more affordable for patients because currently a bioprinted cornea is marketed at a price of around 100,000 euros. Despite the immense benefit to patients, it is difficult for health care systems to bear this cost. There is therefore a challenge to reduce manufacturing costs to make these strategies both clinically effective and affordable.

The other benefit is to increase the functionality of the biological tissue by deciding on the composition and architecture of what’s implanted. It has been demonstrated that controlling the architecture of tissue makes it more functional….

With our platform, we are able to manufacture a dermal-epidermal substitute.

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Celia Sampol E-Magazine, 28.04.2022
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