Hip replacement: virtual surgical training with haptic technology (Interview)

Surgeons have only limited options to practice surgical techniques before they enter the operating room. The implantation of an endoprosthesis requires extensive practical training since it necessitates strength and utmost precision. The “Dynamic HIPS” project develops a virtual reality hip implant simulator that provides realistic haptic feedback.
The project has been running for almost eleven months. What are the interim results?

Lorenz: We have already laid the groundwork for various subareas. There is a rough training and process concept, early details for error feedback we like to provide, and the basic synchronization of a multi-user mode that facilitates a location-independent connection and allows participants to share the VR environment. We have also completed the planning process for the outstanding biomechanical measurements. The bulk of the work will take place over the next twelve months, during which we plan to finish developing and connecting all areas. A prototype is expected to be available in a year to be evaluated by surgeons.

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Lorenz M Medica Magazine, Topics of the month
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