3D blood vessel printing (research)

Scientists in Kiel have developed a innovative 3D bio-printer to create fine blood vessels for bypass implants.

“Especially for heart patients who do not have suitable endogenous veins for harvesting a bypass vessel, this new procedure could represent an enormous advance for heart bypass surgery, particularly in terms of patient safety” (Armin Welz).

In approximately 20 percent of patients requiring bypass surgery, there are no suitable endogenous vessels available. “This problem is particularly serious in patients who have to undergo a repeat operation” (Berndt).

“The print head we designed can print a tube made of the body’s own living endothelial and muscle cells,” Berndt explained. The tube has a thin vessel wall and a diameter of four to six millimeters, he said. The scientists now want to develop the process further and investigate whether the printed blood vessels integrate into the existing vascular system in the long term.
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hil/aerzteblatt aerzteblatt.de, Kieler-Forscher-drucken-3D-Blutgefaesse (german original)
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