Injectable Conductive Hydrogels with Tunable Degradability as Novel Implantable Bioelectrodes

Bioelectrodes have been developed to efficiently mediate electrical signals of biological systems as stimulators and recording devices. Recently, conductive hydrogels have garnered great attention as emerging materials for bioelectrode applications because they can permit intimate/conformal contact with living tissues and tissue-like softness.
However, administration and control over the in vivo lifetime of bioelectrodes remain challenges. Here, injectable conductive hydrogels (ICHs) with tunable degradability as implantable bioelectrodes are developed.
The hydrolyzable conductive hydrogels disappeared 3 days after in vivo administration, while the stable conductive hydrogels maintained their shapes for up to 7 days.
Author(s) Source
Park J, Lee S, Lee M, Kim H-S, Lee JY Wiley Online Library, nano micro small, 24.02.2023,
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