Textile replacement for tympanic membrane and hip endoprosthesis

tympanic membrane:
Textile researchers at TU Dresden have developed a novel drumhead implant made of fibers. In tests conducted by the developers, the bioinspired innovation performed significantly better than conventional implants.

The textile membrane enables a complete, permanent and lifelike reconstruction of the eardrum (D Aibibu). Tests have shown that the textile replacement eardrum has the same vibration characteristics as a real eardrum.
Materials are polycaprolactone, a biodegradable plastic, and silk fibroin, a protein extracted from the cocoons of silkworms. Using an electrospinning process, which is also used to make stents for regenerative medicine, very fine threads are drawn from this protein-plastic solution and laid down to form a textile replacement eardrum.

hip endoprosthesis:
hip endoprosthesis can become loose and make revision
require revision surgery. An endoprosthesis with a three-dimensional textile structure made of ceramic is being developed for this purpose. The material used also resembles hydroxyapatite.
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