3D printing enters brave new world

The idea of printing human tissues and organs for implantation is not the stuff of science fiction anymore. It is a real prospect that will open new frontiers in medicine in less than a decade, delegates were told at this week’s Arab Health congress in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The progress made already has been astonishing with many new breakthroughs reported regularly in the media such as the successful implantation into animals of sections of bone, muscle, and cartilage by the medical team at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina, U.S., which could eventually pave the way for similar implantations in the human body.

The main thrust of the disquiet surrounding the technology is about the quality of the implants and the allegation that humans will be able to “play god” with patients. However, researcher Dr. Gill Haddow at Edinburgh University’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies Department claims there are already things like genetics that allow humans to play god and that bioprinting allows people to make small parts of the body to use for vital medical applications.
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I Stevens Arab Health 2018 daily newspaper, 29 January
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