IMPLANT INFORMATION 02-00: Skeleton (“Endoprosthesis”)

What … for? (Indications)
Skeleton implants serve for the replacement of bone structures or joints, e. g. hip endoprosthesis, osteoarthritis (pain), fractures and more special diseases.
(for bone fixation see: hard tissue-bone)
Knee 49%, Hip 42% (global, 2012) 310.800
hip endoprostheses, U.S.A. (2010) 400.000
joint implants (220.000 hip, 150.000 knee, Germany 2014)
Dependend on technique mobilization is possible after 1 -7 days. Rehabilitation happens after 6-12 weeks dependend on many individual factors.
Risks (Contraindications) short term: Inflammation, thrombosis, hematoma, injury of nerves or vessels, hemorrhagia, metal hypersensitivity, metal toxicity, leg length inequality.
long term: Loosening, dislocation, osteolysis, inflammation, chronic pain, death (<1%).
Failures 5% after 1st surgery
Materials available Titanium (TiAl6V4 a.o.), CoCrMo-alloys, Polyethylen (Teflon), PMMA
Statistics 95% more than 10 years
Literature – Basic Patient Information (manufacturer/Zimmer) (english)
Endoprothetik – Zwischen Anspruch und Realität (german)
Problems Hip-Replacement-Recalls (Drugwatch)
Selbsthilfegruppe für schadhafte Hüftprothesen (german)
Der Spiegel: Rückruf von Hüftgelenksprothesen (german)
Science/Future 3D-printed spine
Register (links)


Canadian Joint Replacement Registry (Canada)
Czech National Register of Joint Replacement (NRKN, Czech Republic) Deutschland Endoprothesenregister (german)
Romanian Arthroplasty Register (Romania)
Slovak Arthroplasty Register (Slovakia)
Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register (swedish)
UK National Joint Registry (UK)
Gelenkersatz: Anwendungsstandards und Register verbessern Qualität (german)
Register und Netzwerke: Zusammenarbeit ist wichtig für den Erfolg (german)


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