PATIENT INFORMATION: Skeletal System Implants (“Endoprosthesis”)


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WHAT … FOR? (Indications)

Bone implants are used to replace bony structures, e.g. in case of bone fractures and specific diseases. The joints between the bones, e.g. at the hip or knee, can also be replaced by so-called hip or knee endoprostheses in the case of very painful or significant joint changes.

Other reasons may include: limitations in walking and climbing stairs, a misalignment of the legs, an unstable joint or weak muscles, problems walking, kneeling or sitting down, limitations at work, at home and during leisure time, or dependence on support from others.


Knee 49%, Hip 42% (global, 2012) 310.800, hip endoprostheses, U.S.A. (2010) 400.000, joint implants (220.000 hip, 150.000 knee, Germany 2014)


Dependend on technique mobilization is possible after 1 -7 days. Rehabilitation happens after 6-12 weeks dependend on many individual factors.

Diseases that increase the risk of surgery.

short term: Inflammation, thrombosis, hematoma, injury of nerves or vessels, hemorrhagia, metal hypersensitivity, metal toxicity, leg length inequality.
long term: Loosening, dislocation, osteolysis, inflammation, chronic pain, death (<1%).

5% after 1st surgery

Titanium (TiAl6V4 a.o.), CoCrMo-alloys, Polyethylen (Teflon), PMMA

Hip replacement lasts 25 years in around 58% of patients (The Lancet, 2019)
95% more than 10 years
90% 20 years, 95% are satisfied, 2017: failure rate 2,2 – 3,2% (3rd year)(hip, Germany, Dtsch Ärzteblatt 2018)


– Basic
Patient Information (manufacturer/Zimmer)(english)
Endoprotheses: regaining independence and mobility(english)
Endoprothetik – Zwischen Anspruch und Realität(german)

– Prevention
Age-in-Place Home Improvements: A Room-by-Room Guide (Kris Lindahl Real Estate)

– Problems
Hip-Replacement-Recalls (Drugwatch)
Selbsthilfegruppe für schadhafte Hüftprothesen (german)
Der Spiegel: Rückruf von Hüftgelenksprothesen (german)
Kniearthrose (Gonarthrose)

– Science/Future
3D-printed spine

REGISTER (links)
Canadian Joint Replacement Registry (Canada)
Czech National Register of Joint Replacement (NRKN, Czech Republic)Deutschland Endoprothesenregister (german)
Romanian Arthroplasty Register (Romania)
Slovak Arthroplasty Register (Slovakia)
Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register (swedish)
UK National Joint Registry (UK)
Gelenkersatz: Anwendungsstandards und Register verbessern Qualität (german)
Register und Netzwerke: Zusammenarbeit ist wichtig für den Erfolg (german)

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