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reg.: n/a register now IMPLANTS CANADA product group hard tissue implant products bone particulates demineralized bone matrix structural grafts product group soft tissue implant products fascia tendons contact n/a This is a post of a nonregistered company. Information given here is checked thoroughly by “Implant-Register”. However we can not guarantee for any material, property or …

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AAP Implantate AG

reg.: n/a register now IMPLANTS GERMANY product group General Tissue / Bone products Artosal® Calcifix® Cerabone® Glassbone® PerOssal® ReproBone® product group General Tissue / Membrane products Jason® product group Skeletal System products general Cannulated Screws Standard Plating System APS / DHS AC-Plate upper extremity LOQTEC® Proximal Humerus Plate 3.5 LOQTEC® Clavicle Plating System 2.7/3.5 LOQTEC® …

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reg.: n/a register now IMPLANTS ITALY product group general tissue / hard tissue / bone products bone grafts bio-gen putty biocollagen fleece cancellous block cancellous chips cancellous dihedron cancellous wedge cortical plate hemi-femoral head bone pastes activagen injectable activagen mouldable angiostad biocollagen crunch flexible grafts flex acetabular-mat flex cancellous sheet flex cortical sheet product group …

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ConMed Corp.

DePuy Synthes (Johnson & Johnson)

Deutsches Institut für Zell-und Gewebeersatz gGmbH

reg.: n/a register now IMPLANTS GERMANY product group general tissue, hard tissue products bone caput femori cortical granules corticospongious chips Cortiflex® demineralized cortical span DBM paste DBMx-press demineralized bone matrix femur chips femur diaphysis and rings fibula diaphysis and rings os ilium spiering chips spongious chips spongious cubes and blocks spongious cylinder tibia chips tibia

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Geistlich Pharma AG

Hans BioMed Co., Ltd.

reg.: n/a register now IMPLANTS SOUTH KOREA product group hard tissue / bone products BellaFuse™ demineralized bone matrix ExFuse™ demineralized bone matrix Genesis™ Sponge DFDBA OsteoGrow™ demineralized cortical bone chip Pedi-Stick® demineralized cortical bone stick SureChip™ cancellous bone chip product group soft tissue / membrane products BellaCell HD™ pre-hydrated human acellular dermis SureDerm® Acellular Dermal …

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Integra™ LifeSciences

Life Net Health, Inc.



reg.: n/a register now IMPLANTS U.S.A. product group tissue, general products hard tissue/bone OsteoVation Bone Void Filler, Calcium Phosphate OsteoVation EX Bone Void Filler, Calcium Phosphate OsteoVation QWIK Bone Void Filler, Calcium Phosphate OsteoVation β-TCP OsteoVation RMx PrimaGRAFT CS PrimaGRAFT ISS Allografts Sports Medicine Allografts DBM Cancellous Bone soft tissue/membrane Amniotic Membrane Flowable Amniotic Allografts …

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RESORBA Medical GmbH

reg.: n/a register now IMPLANTS GERMANY product group hard tissue, bone products RESORBA® Synthetic Bone product group soft tissue, membrane products GENTA-COLL® resorb GENTA-FOIL® resorb KOLLAGEN resorb™ RESODURA® RESORBA® CELL fibrillar RESORBA® CELL forte RESORBA® CELL S RESORBA® CELL standard product group hard tissue, oral (bone) products RESORBA® Synthetic Bone RESORBA® Xenogenic Bone Graft SmartBone® …

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South America Implants S.A.


Zimmer Biomet

regions reg.: n/a register now IMPLANTS (U.S. only) U.S.A. product group dental implant products 3.1mmD Eztetic™ Implants Azure Implant C-System LOCATOR® Overdenture Implants System NanoTite® Implants OSSEOTITE® Implants Spline® Implants T3® Implants T3® Short Implants Tapered Screw-Vent® Implants Tapered SwissPlus® Implants Trabecular Metal™ Dental Implants Tantal SwissPlus® Implants (discontinued) product group bone substitute, oral products …

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