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product group general tissue
products hard tissue / bone Cartilage Allograft Matrix
ENHANCE® Deformity Correction Allografts
ENHANCE® Demineralized Cortical Fibers
ENHANCE® Metatarsal Lengthening Allografts
HTO Wedge Allografts
Revision Cores
soft tissue / tendon Allograft Tendons
Allopatch HD® Acellular Human Dermis
Meniscus Allografts
Cartilage Allograft Matrix

product group skeletal system
products general Y-Knot® RC All-Suture Anchor
upper extremity  UltraFix® Knotless MiniMite® Suture Anchor
lower extremity BioScrew® Bioabsorbable Interference Screws
BioScrew® XtraLok® Tibial Fixation Device
CrossFT™ Knotless Suture Anchor | Ankle
GENESYS™ Matryx® Interference Screws
Guardsman® Style BioScrew® Interference Screws
Mini-Revo® and Bio Mini-Revo® Suture Anchors
PopLok® Knotless Suture Anchors |Knee
SmartNail® Implant
SoftTissue Anchoring System
TenoLok™ Dual-Expanding Tenodesis Anchor | Knee
UltraFix® Knotless MiniMite® Suture Anchor

product group digestive tract
products biliary Flexxus® Stent Endoscopic Biliary Stent
GORE® VIABIL® Biliary Endoprosthesis
GORE® VIABIL® Short Wire Biliary Endoprosthesis
HYDRODUCT® Biliary Stents with Hydromer Coating

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