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product group general implants, hard tissue bone
products Bone Cement Osteo-Class
OrthoGen Medical
product group dental implant
products Cone Morse
Maxplus HE
Maxplus HI
Pluscut HE
Pluscut HE Cortical
Pluscut HI
product group dental implant, hard tissue, bone
products GenMix composed Bone Graft, bovine
GenOx Inorg inorganic matrix of spongeous medullar bovine bon
GenOx Org lyophilized porous organic matrix extracted from the bovine cortical bone
GenPhos HA TCP
GenPhos XP
OrthoGen Block
OrthoGen Bone Graft
product group dental implant, soft tissue membrane
products GenDerm Flex
GenDerm Resorbable membrane of bovine cortical bone
product group skeletal system implant, general implants
products “T” Type Small Special Plate
“T” Type Special Plate / “L”/ “T Buttress” / “Spoon”
“T” Type Special Plate
120º Osteotomy Angled Plate
130º Angled Plate
135º / 150º Tube Plate
90º e 100º Osteotomy Angled Plate
95º Condilar Angled Plate
95º Tube Plate
Auto-Compression Broad Straight Plate
Auto-Compression Narrow Straight Plate
Auto-Compression Straight Plate for use with Cerclage line
Auto-Compression Straight Small Plate
Cancellous Screws
Cloverleaf Type Small Special Plate
Lengthening Straight Plate
Lengthening Straight Plate with Support
Lines and Pins Metallic for Bony Fixation
MLP – 1/3 de Tubo
MLP – Placa Reta
Reconstruction Mesh
Semi-Tubular 1/3 Straight Plate
Semi-Tubular Straight Plate
Tornillo Cortical 3,5mm
product group skeletal system implant, upper extremity
products Cementless Humeral Resurfacing Prosthesis – Omega ABC
G-III – Humerus Modular Prosthesis
MLP – Anterior Clavicle / Anterior Lateral / Anterior Midshaft
MLP – Superior Clavicle
product group skeletal system implant, lower extremity
products AKS – Anatomic Knee System
AKS – Anatomic Knee System – Revision
A-Lock CM Multifuros
A-Lock, Modular Acetabular Component Cemented
Alpha Primary
Alpha Revision
Biolox Delta
Biolox Forte
Century II Cementless Acetabular Component
CO-10 Primary Non-Cemented Modular Femoral Stem
CO-10 Revision Cementless Femoral Modular Stem
Delta – With flange
Delta – Without Flange
Femoral Blockable Intramedullar Stem
Intramedullar Plug
Intramedullary nail INTERNA® PFN
LogicalCM Europlus
MLP – 1st Metatarsal Base Osteotomy
MLP – 1st Tarsometatarsal
MLP – 2nd and 3rd Tarsometatarsal
MLP – Calcâneo Fechado
MLP – Distal Tibia
MLP – Medial de Úmero Anatômica
MLP – Medial Maleolar
MLP – Metatarsal Phalangeal
Modular Femoral Head – Bipolar
Núcleo Acetabular Crosslinked Vitamina E
Polyethylene Acetabular Component
Reconstruction Mesh Acetabular
Reconstruction mesh tronchanteric
Supracondilar Blockable Intramedullar Stem
Tibial Blockable Intramedullar Stem
Tibial INTERNAL® Intramedullary Nail
product group skeletal system implant, spine
products Cervical Cage Angled
Posterior Lumbar Cage
Pedicle Fixation System
Occipitocervical Fixation System
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