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product group general tissue / hard tissue / bone
products bone grafts bio-gen putty
biocollagen fleece
cancellous block
cancellous chips
cancellous dihedron
cancellous wedge
cortical plate
hemi-femoral head
bone pastes activagen injectable
activagen mouldable
biocollagen crunch
flexible grafts flex acetabular-mat
flex cancellous sheet
flex cortical sheet
product group general tissue / soft tissue / membrane
products Pericardium Membrane equine
Biocollagen membrane Achilles tendon
MeRG non-friable, microfibrillar collagen membrane
product group head / brain / nerves
products bone grafts cancellous dowels
cortical-cancellous sticks
bone pastes activagen mouldable equine
flexible grafts flex cancellous disc
flex cancellous strip
membrane heart patch equine
product group oral hard tissue / bone
products ACTIVABONE®
long lasting natural line Calcitos® equine
OX line OX block
OX Flex
OX Gel Granules
OX Granules
traditional line bio-gen blocks
bio-gen gel granules
bio-gen granules
bio-gen putty
flex sheets
product group oral soft tissue / membrane
products OX line OX collagen membrane
OX cortical membrane
heart pericardium membrane
traditional line biocollagen collagen membrane
cortical membrane
heart pericardium membrane
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