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product group tissue general, hard tissue (bone)
products AutoFix Stainless Steel Screws
Cortoss Bone Augmentation Material
HydroSet Injectable HA Bone Substitute
SpinePlex Bone Cement
BoneSave discontinued
Simplex® P Bone Cement discontinued

product group tissue general, soft tissue (membrane)
products DuraMatrix Portfolio
TissueMend discontinued

product group dental / oral, oral soft tissue (membrane)
products DuraMatrix
TissueMend discontinued

product group nervous system
products MEDPOR® Cranial/Neurosurgical Implants
MEDPOR® Orbital Reconstruction Implants
MEDPOR® Oculoplastic Implants
MEDPOR® CONTAIN™ Implants for Bone Graft
MEDPOR® CONTAIN™ Implants for Bone Graft Stabilization
MEDPOR® Facial Contour Implants

product group skeletal system, upper extremity
products shoulder ReUnion HA Fracture Shoulder
Solar Shoulder
elbow Solar Elbow
rHead Recon (Bipolar)
rHead Extended Stem
  rHead Plating System
UNI-Elbow Radio Capitellum System
radius rHeadLateral Radial Head
Solar Radial Head
VariAx Distal Radius Locking Plate
Radius Anterior Implant
hand, wrist Avanta CMC
Diamond Carpal Fusion Plate
Silicone MCP / PIP
Preflex MCP
Remotal Total Wrist
uHead Ulnar Head
Stability Sigmoid Notch

product group skeletal system, lower extremity
products hip, acetabular component Mobile Bearing Hip™ System
Tritanium Acetabular Shell
Trident Acetabular Shell
Trident Alumina Ceramic Bearing
Trident Polyethylene Bearings
hip, primary femoral component Press-Fit Stems
Cemented Stems
Restoration Modular System
Restoration HA Stem
Restoration PS Stem
Dall-Miles Cable System
Global Modular Replacement System
knee, primary system Triathlon Total Knee
Triathlon Titanium Knee
Scorpio NRG
Scorpio Single Axis
Scorpio TS
knee, revision system Duracon TS
Wichita Fusion Nail
Triathlon TS
knee, partial system Triathlon PKR
AVON Patello-Femoral
tibia T2 Tibia SPI System
foot Asnis JFX
Asnis Micro
Asnis Micro Xpress
Fixos 2
VariAx 2

product group skeletal system, spine
products spine, cervical OASIS® Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic System
Aviator™ Anterior Cervical Plating System
AVS Anchor-C Cervical Cage System
AVS AS PEEK Spacer Implant
Reflex® Hybrid Anterior Cervical Plating System
DynaTran™ Anterior Cervical Plating System
Escalate® Laminoplasty System
Reflex® Zero Profile Anterior Cervical Plating System
spine, thoracolumbal Xia 3 Implant
Xia 4.5 Implant
Xia Anterior Implant
Xia Precision (Cannulated) Implant
Thor Plate System
Trio+ Implant
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