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product group general tissue: hard tissue / bone
products MatriGRAFT® femur allograft, human
FlexiGRAFT® Cancellous Bone Plug
FlexiGRAFT® Demineralized Cortical Fibers
FlexiGRAFT® Demineralized Sponge
Cancellous cubes and blocks
Demineralized bone chips and powder
Optium® DBM Putty
Optium® DBM Gel
Demineralized bone chips and particulates
Readygraft® BLX Putty

product group general tissue: soft tissue / membrane
products Arthroflex™ acellular dermal matrix
BioWasher™ small size, for arthroscopic procedures
Fascia Lata
ReadiGRAFT® BLX Fiber
Cryopreserved human skin

product group skeletal system / upper extremity
products Humerus Shaft

product group skeletal system / lower extremity
products Femur Shaft
Tibia Shaft
Fibula Shaft
Bone Sticks
Repair Shafts
Bone Wedges
Repair Heads
Repair Condyles

product group skeletal system / spine
products Vertigraft Fibular Spacer
MatriGRAFT® Fibular Wedge
VG1® Cervical
VG2® Cervical
MatriGRAFT® Cloward Dowel
Tricortical Cancellous Wedge
MatriGRAFT® Unicortical Cancellous Spacer
VG1® Laminoplasty Spacer
Tricortical iliac crest wedge
Vertigraft Humeral Spacer
Shafts for Corpectomy

product group skeletal system / ligaments
products FlexiGRAFT® Achilles Tendon
FlexiGRAFT® KinetiGRAFT® Allograft bio-implant composed of two looped, semitendinosus and/or gracilis tendons
FlexiGRAFT® GraftLink® sutured tendon construct for ACL Reconstruction
FlexiGRAFT® Sutured Lateral Ankle Tendon
FlexiGRAFT® Soft Tissue Tendons without a bone block
FlexiGRAFT® Meniscus with bone block
Fresh Osteochondral Grafts
Osteoarticular Grafts

product group oral: hard tissue / bone
products Cancellous Particulate – Mineralized
Cortical Particulate – Demineralized DFDBA
Cortical Particulate – Mineralized FDBA
Large Particulate – Demineralized
Cancellous Blocks
OraGRAFT® Ribs
OraGRAFT® Ilium Strip

product group oral: soft tissue / membrane
products ORACELL
Perio Fascia Lata

product group heart /vessels
products CardioGRAFT® Aortic Heart Valve
CardioGRAFT® Pulmonary Heart Valve
AngioGRAFT® Femoral Artery and Vein
AngioGRAFT® Cryopreserved Saphenous Vein
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