Reduction of biofilm formation on titanium surface with ultraviolet-C pre-irradiation

Ultraviolet-C irradiation on titanium implants has been recently introduced as photofunctionalization to enhance osseointegration, which possibly also provide anti-microbial function to titanium surface as with photocatalyst. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of ultraviolet-C pre-irradiation to various topographical titanium surfaces on the attachment or biofilm formation of wound pathogens in comparison with that of ultraviolet-A pre-irradiation, with consideration for the physicochemical mechanism.

Ultraviolet-C irradiation reduced the attachment and biofilm formation of wound pathogens on various topographical titanium surfaces, rivaling or surpassing UVA irradiation in degree. The mechanism might involve superhydrophilicity and carbon elimination on the surface.
Author(s) Source
Yamada Y, Yamada M, Ueda T J Biomed Appl, 23.12.2013
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