NEWS on ear implants

Overcoming Addiction for the Sensory Impaired


Speaker-independent auditory attention


Hearing Impairment in Old Age – detection, treatment, and associated risks


Auricular prostheses attached to osseointegrated implants

Different causes of an absent auricle exist and can mainly be divided into congenital and acquired. Not long after the introduction of osseointegrated implants outside the oral cavity, auricular prostheses are retrained on osseointegrated implants (Vistafix® system, VXI implant). In total, 31 implants were placed in 11 patients. None of...

White paper for Cochlea Implants (GERMANY)

Weißbuch Cochlea-Implantat(CI)-Versorgung Das Präsidium der DGHNO KHC Empfehlungen zur Struktur, Organisation, Ausstattung, Qualifikation und Qualitätssicherung in der Versorgung von Patienten mit einem Cochlea-Implantat in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland April, 2018 This is a post of a scientific or business information. The information given here is checked thoroughly by "Implant-Register". However we...

Temporal Sensitivity Measured Shortly After Cochlear Implantation

Temporal Sensitivity Measured Shortly After Cochlear Implantation Predicts 6-Month Speech Recognition Outcome. Erb L, Kunke D, Fuchs M, Obleser J Both AMRD thresholds at t0 (r = -0.51) and speech recognition scores at t0 (r = 0.56) predicted speech recognition scores at t6. However, AMRD and speech recognition at t0...

Implantable fiber-optic sensing system


Deaf children learn words faster than hearing children

According to estimates by the Robert Koch Institute, up to two thousand hearing impaired children are born in Germany each year. For some of them a cochlear implant can offer relief. Until now, it was not clear which processes take place in the affected children when they start to learn...

3D printing for hearing devices

3D printing assists implantation of hearing device A Kim "In all three cases, quick identification of the appropriate [bone implant] position was accomplished," they wrote. "The transparent template enabled safe identification of the planned [bone implant] position on the temporal bone, previously localized on the 3D-printed model." AuntMinnie, 4 Dec...