Hearing with a Vestibular Implant

Posture, Gait, Quality of Life, and Hearing with a Vestibular Implant
Bilateral vestibular hypofunction is associated with chronic disequilibrium, postural instability, and unsteady gait owing to failure of vestibular reflexes that stabilize the eyes, head, and body. A vestibular implant may be effective in alleviating symptoms.

Six months and 1 year after unilateral implantation of a vestibular prosthesis for bilateral vestibular hypofunction, measures of posture, gait, and quality of life were generally in the direction of improvement from baseline, but hearing was reduced in the ear with the implant in all but 1 participant.
Author(s) Source
Chow MR, Ayiotis AI, Schoo DP et al. New England Journal of Medicine, 2021; 384:521-532
DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa2020457
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