Motor driven heart valve implanted (University Mainz, Germany)

Beginning 2019 cardiologists implanted 3 cardiac valve, steered by a new engine and self-expanding.
  • The valve can be implanted more easily and more for certain
  • Leaks are further minimised after the implantation
  • It is the first cardiac valve which makes a controlled release of the cardiac valve possible with an electromotor at a very short Nitinolframe, an alloying made of titanium and nickel.
Due to the increasing life expectancy more and more people suffer from a symptomatic narrowing of the aortic valve in Germany. This stenosis of the natural valve of the Aorta is the most frequent valvular defect of the heart of the older patient. The standard therapy which is used, however, primarily with younger patients was an open surgical intervention. Last years TAVI increased by numbers for elder patients and secondary interventions. 2018 were 20.000 intervention of this type in Germany.
Author(s) Source
Engelke J Device Med (german), Mar 03 2019
Universitätsmedizin Mainz, 18.02.2019
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