3D Printing Plasma Jetting Method for Bone Implants

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST have developed a method using cold plasma to 3D print patient-specific plastic bone implants.
According to Fraunhofer IST, cancerous tumors, infections, and bad fractures commonly prompt for the surgical removal of bones and insertion of implants. The method developed by the partners enables the application of a cell-growth-promoting coating to the interior of additively manufactured layers of bone implants with plasma jetting.

The amino groups within the coating bond the surface and ensures that bone cells find a “convenient substrate.” The process is unique as it combines both 3D printing and coating techniques in one device. Furthermore, this method is said to be cost-effective as no chemical pretreatment with solvents is required for the coating.

3D Printing Industry, Jan 2019
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