Zwan Impex

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product groupskeletal system
productsgeneralDCP Board ZI-O-1000
DCP Narrow ZI-O-1001
DCP Small fragment ZI-O-1002
Nails intramedullaryO-1055, O-1056
Plate Micro ZI-O-1005
Plate Semi Tubular ZI-O-1004
Plate Tubular 1/3 ZI-O-1003
Screw Cancellous 4.0 mm, 6.5 mm x 16mm Thread, 6.5 mm x 32mm Thread, 6.5 mm x full Thread
Screw Cannulated7.5 mm x 16mm Thread, 7.50 mm x 32mm Thread,
Screw Compression
Screw Cortex
Screw Cortical3.5 mm, 4.5 mm
Screw Lag
Screw Malleolar 4.5 mm
Screw Pedicel
Small Fragment SetsZI-5604, -5605, -5607, -5609

product groupskeletal system
productslower extremityPlate Casper
Plate Cloverleaf
Plate Cobra Head
Plate Condylar Blade
Plate DCS 95o
Plate DHS135o, 135o (Short Barrel), 145o, 1500
Plate Jewett Nail
Plate L Buttress
Plate Mini L-R
Plate Mini T
Plate Small Buttress
Plate Small T 3 hole head
Plate Small T 4 hole head
Plate Spoin
Plate T Buttress
Plate T standard
Plate Tibial
Plate Y

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