Dynamic Compression Plate

LC-DCP: Limited Contact – Dynamic Compression Plate.

The dynamic compression plate is used like other osteosynthesis plates. Only the drill hole is constructed differently.

The geometry of the screw head and plate hole in the DCP is such that a congruent fit is achieved even if the screw is at an angle to the longitudinal or transverse axis. The shape of the screw hole is designed to prevent unwanted pressure changes during screw insertion. Compression in the direction of the fracture occurs when the screw hole is displaced towards the edge of the plate hole by using a special drill sleeve (tension drill sleeve). If the neutral drill bush is used, there is also a low tension.


Plate hole geometries

Symmetrical holes
Most dynamic compression plates have symmetrical holes. The symmetrical shape of the plate holes allows compression in both directions, therefore no central section is required for plate positioning.

Non-symmetrical holes
Some dynamic compression plates have non-symmetrical holes that allow compression in only one direction. These plates have a central part that is placed at the position of the fragments to be compressed. The non-symmetrical DCP holes are shaped like a part of an inclined and angled cylinder. They have a compression point on the inclined side and a neutral point in the middle.”

(source: dePuy Synthes, Johnson & Johnson)