implant files: what you should know about

Translation of a German publication Berndt C, Langhans K, Much M, Obermaier F
Medical products are hardly tested, incidents and defects frequently hushed: The ten most important results of the great Implant file enquiry.
1 The number of the injured and dead bodies in connection with medical products increases.
2 Many artificial limbs and implants are tested only at men.
3 There is no state admittance for artificial limbs and implants in Europe.
4 Private enterprises decide whether a product may be implanted.
5 The certification system is feeble and extremely fault-prone.
6 Equipment which was tested hardly or not at all is often implanted.
7 Most studies are financed by the industry.
8 If something goes wrong, patients learn nothing from it often.
9 The authorities get working in the rarest cases.
10. The medical product lobby blocks change.
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 25.11.2018
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