Validity of fractal analysis of implants

Validity of fractal analysis of implants in individuals with healthy and diseased peri‐implant mucosa

The purpose of this study was to determine whether fractal analysis could discriminate the peri‐implant trabecular bone between individuals with healthy peri‐implant mucosa and peri‐implant disease using digital periapical radiographs.

Based on this study, FD of the peri‐implant bone calculated from a periapical radiograph does not appear to be a valid method to distinguish between healthy and diseased implants, while clinical measures of PD, CAL, and BOP are useful for the diagnosis of peri‐implant health, peri‐implant mucositis, and peri‐implantitis.
Author(s) Source
Lang MS, Miyamoto T, Nunn ME
Clinical Oral Implants Research, 13.08.2020,
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