The doctor-patient relationship and the commercial use of health data in the EU

A common European health data network is planned in the EU (European Health Data Space – EHDS). Problems are seen in the fact that the relationship of confidence and the doctor’s duty of secrecy must be maintained. The sovereignty of the data should remain with the patient.
The EHDS is intended to manage secondary use of health data in addition to primary use. In this context, researchers, regulatory authorities, political decision-makers as well as industry (innovators, branch) are to be granted access to pseudonymized and anonymized data of EU citizens via a data access point for specific purposes.
A board is to be established for monitoring purposes.
Criticism is that the principles of data protection law, the principle of data minimization, data accuracy, storage limitation, integrity and confidentiality, and the principle of necessity are not sufficiently respected.
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anonymous Hartmannbund Magazin 02/2023, 32-33 (german original)
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