Standard Of Care And The Internet Of Medical Things

During the American College of Cardiology annual meeting in March, researchers from Stanford University, Apple Inc., and other academic centers unveiled the Apple Heart Study, a first-of-its-kind large-scale study involving more than 400,000 members of the general population (iPhone and Apple Watch owners). The goal of the study was to identify users with a potentially lethal irregular heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation (AF).
While IoMT data will be the force that speeds up the evolution of the Standard of Care, the potential for both revenue generation and cost containment will ensure its viability. For instance, in an Accenture survey, roughly one-third of payers saw extensive value in both administration cost-savings and customer retainment, and almost one-half saw extensive improvement in patient experience from IoMT. In fact, several large pharmacy benefit managers have recently launched services for their clients to evaluate health digital therapeutics, which includes IoMT, that are in the market. This is a critical step in validating that the IoMT is here to stay.
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Joseph Honcz, Precision for Value MED DEVICE ONLINE, Guest Column, Aug 6, 2019
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