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product groupskeletal system, general
productsButton, Endo Button
Interference screw(Titanium)
Interrference screw(Bio Absorbable)
Interference screw(Peek)
NailKuntschner cloverleaf
Pinsacl (40 mm), Denham, Steinmann
Platesangled, LTC, straight, T-shaped, tubular, Y-shaped
Pre Loaded AnchorPEEK, Titanium
Screwscancellous, cannulated, cortical
Spiked Washer & Screw
Suture Anchor(Peek Knotless)
Wire, cerclage

product groupskeletal system, maxillofacial
productsMaxillo Facial Implant System

product groupskeletal system, upper extremity
HumerusDistal Modular Elbow System
HumerusReplacement System with Elbow
nailsHumerus, radius, Rush, ulna
ShoulderReplacement Prosthesis
ShoulderModular Replacement System

product groupskeletal system, lower extremity
productsCalcaneus Plate
FemurDistal Non-Rotating Knee
FemurDistal Rotating Knee
FemurResection Rotating Platform Knee
FemurTotal Resection Prosthesis
GenX HipReplacement System
GenXLimb Salvage System
Hip ProsthesisAustin Moore
Hip ProsthesisBi-Polar
Hip ProsthesisThompson
Hip ProximalReplacement System
Nailinterlocking (tibia, femur)proximal femoral, supracondylar
Platesangled blade, cobra head, condylar, condylar buttressDCS, DHS barrel double angled, DHS dynamic hip screw, hooked, Jewett Nail 135°, lateral tibia head, Wainwright
Screwship 95°malleolar
TibiaBase Plate
TibiaPost screw
TibiaProximal Knee
TibiaProximal Rotating Knee

product groupskeletal system, spine
productsCagesPEEK (TLIF, PLIF)Titanium
Hard Shell
PlatesAnterior Thoracolumbar, H-shaped, Steffee
Posterior CervicalFixation System
Posterior CervicalLominoplasty System
Rods & HookHarrington
ScrewsPoly Axial, Steffee

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