Orthopedic implant: More comfortable thanks to full weight-bearing capacity

Orthopedic implants – they are a necessity when it comes to congenital or acquired limb length discrepancies. However, full weight-bearing during the limb lengthening process is not feasible with previous implant models. For the first time, the 3D Surgery division at the Medical Center of the University of Munich has succeeded in using an implant that facilitates immediate weight-bearing.
A perfect intramedullary lengthening nail should have a safe and strong actuator, that is to say, it should not shorten when subjected to weight-bearing. The actuator should also facilitate a controlled shortening. The shortening of the intramedullary nail should not require anesthesia or need for surgery
for the patient. What’s more, the actuator should also be robust and prevent uncontrolled backtracking. Full weight-bearing is likewise an important characteristic, which is now a feature of our approved new implant. Miniaturization is equally important because not every bone is big enough to place an earlier implant model. In this case, we would appreciate intramedullary nails that are thinner and possibly shorter but still ensure the same lengthening capacity. This would allow us to use intramedullary nails in bones that were previously too small for these types of procedures. Having said that, it is important to take static, structural and material limitations into account.
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Interview with Dr. Peter Helmut Thaller, Head of 3D Surgery at the Department of General, Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery at the Medical Center of the University of Munich (City Center Facility), conducted by Diana Heiduk

MEDICA Magazine, Mar 08 2019
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