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product groupdental implant
productstitaniumBrånemark System
NobelActive® TiUniteNobelActive® TiUltra
NobelParallel CC (Conical Connection)NobelParallel Conical Connection TiUltra
NobelReplace CC/Replace Select TaperedNobelReplace CC TiUltra
NobelReplace/Select Straight
zirconiaNobelPearl Tapered
product grouporal hard tissue / bone
productsAllograftcreosallo.gaindbm putty
Allograftcreos™ allo.gainbone particulate
Allograftdemineralized cortical
Allograftmineralized/demineralized cortical
Allograftmineralized cancellous
Allograftmineralized cortical
Xenograftcreos™ xenogain bovine bone mineral matrixbovine
Xenograftcreos™ xenogain collagenbovine/porcine
Xenograftcreos™ xenogainbone substitute with collagen syringe
Xenograftcreos™ xenogainbone substitute with collagen block
product grouporal soft tissue / membrane
productscollagen membranecreos™ allo.protect
creos™ mucogain
creos™ xenocote
creos™ xenoplug
creos™ xenoprotect
creos™ xenotape
pericardium membrane
syntheticcreos™ syntoprotect PTFE membrane
creos™ syntoprotect Ti-reinforced PTFE membrane
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