Is osteoporosis a risk factor for implant survival or failure?

Question: Is there a difference in survival rate between implants placed in patients with osteoporosis compared to patients without osteoporosis?

An electronic search was performed in PubMed, Web of Science and the Cochrane Library and SciELO databases up to September 2016. References of included studies were also searched. English language restriction was applied.

The main outcome of the meta-analysis indicated that there was no difference in implant survival rate between patients with and without osteoporosis, either at the implant level or at the patient level. However, the meta-analysis for the secondary outcome revealed a significant difference in marginal bone loss around implants between patients with and without osteoporosis. Data heterogeneity was low. An increase in peri-implant bone loss was observed in the osteoporosis group.
Author(s) Source
Alessandro Grisa A, Veitz-Keenan A Nature, Evidence-Based Dentistry, Vol 19, pages51–52(2018)
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