Implantable Silicone

The use of implantable Silicone in medical devices sponsored
After more than 50 years of using silicone rubber in medical implants, the number of applications for the material’s use in both short- and long-term implantable medical devices just keeps growing. With its long track record of biocompatibility, medical-grade silicone is being used in a range of implantable devices with critical functions, such as defibrillators, heart pumps and surgical reconstructive components.
In using silicone in implantable devices, sourcing the silicone is only the first step in ensuring its purity. Medical device manufacturers need to understand how the silicone is handled and processed in the production of molded parts to ensure its quality.
This e-book provides an overview of the characteristics of implantable silicone, its uses in medical devices, the compounding and molding processes involved, the science behind medical-grade silicone, and the overriding importance of patient safety.
FMI Inc., Dec 2014
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