Germany: Specialty association certifies cochlear implant centers

According to the professional association, around 50,000 people in Germany are deaf, and another 250,000 have at least a 50 percent hearing impairment. If sufficient understanding of speech is not possible with a hearing aid, a CI can restore hearing and understanding in many cases.
A CI is not an option for all of these people. For example, if the auditory nerve is no longer intact or the cochlea is already ossified, a CI cannot improve hearing.
The German Society for Cochlear Implantology (DGHNO-KHC) has already set out the criteria for certification in advance in a “White Paper on Cochlear Implant (CI) Care”. “It defines the necessary quality criteria (structure, process, outcome) of the entire CI care process for children and adults,” writes the DGHNO-KHC board in the foreword to the white paper.
The professional society also announced a CI registry for this year.
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hil/, 21.02.2022
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