Germany: Health insurance fund does not have to pay for breast augmentation for psychological reasons

The complaint was filed by a 52-year-old woman, who had already undergone breast augmentation with saline implants at the age of 26. When she visited her gynecologist because of a leaking implant, he diagnosed breast cancer – both implants had to be removed.
Two years after the operation, she applied for a new breast augmentation, according to the regional social court, citing psychological stress. She could not be expected to be satisfied with a situation that did not correspond to the aesthetics of the female body.
The Regional Social Court now confirmed the opinion of the health insurance company: In the case of the plaintiff, there was neither an impairment of a bodily function nor a disfiguring anatomical deviation. A subjective burden due to the appearance could not justify an intervention, the court ruled – also because of the difficulties of predicting the psychological effects of physical changes.
Author(s) Source
dpa/ aerzteblatt de, 29.08.2022, State Social Court of Lower Saxony-Bremen, file no.: L 16 KR 344/21
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