Easy Fast S, MF and MTF



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Easy Fast S, MF and MTF
ΟindicationImplant, compensation of dental root. All standard indications like single tooth replacement, bridges, denture supporting techniques according to the given anatomic preconditions. Easy Fast S MTF recommended for periodontal compromised patients. All cylindrical implants are more recommendable for bone quality 1-3.
Οspecial indicationAll standard indications for dental implants, recommended insertion:  minimally supra bone level
ΟcontraindicationNo contraindications specific to the implant. Cylindrical implants are not recommended for bone quality 4 and in anatomic regions with apical narrowing alveolar process. Regular contraindications of oral implants regarding especially oral hygiene, bone support, prosthetic possibilities.
Οimplant descriptionDespite the different external dimensions, our own-brand EasyLine products have identical connecting units. Platform switching is possible. With the aid of these structures, we are able to offer a broad portfolio accompanied by a refined range of prosthetic elements.
ΟmaterialTitanium grade 5, Ti6Al4V, material proof acc. EN2900
ΟbiocompatibilityBasic biocompatibility of titanium, f.i. Donath, K., Kirsch, A., Osborn, J.-F.: Zelluläre Dynamik um enossale Titanimplantate, ZZI, 155, 1984
Οimplant surfacebone: “Easy” surface, surface magnification, double processing with Al2O3-particles
soft tissue: alternatively rough (easy fast S), polished at small platform Switch (easy S MTF), miniscrew Surface (easy fast S MF)
Οsizes, measureslength: 8.5, 10.0, 11.5, 13.0, 16.0mm, diameter: 3.5, 4.3, 5.0mm
ΟapprovalsXCE-MarkingXEN ISO 13485
XEC Directive 93/42/EEC
Οtechnical partsconnection with abutments: internal hexagon connection
abutments: impression post (open and closed tray), lab analog, straight and angulated (15°, 25°), individual posts, titanium and ceramic, locator, special adaptable bar-system.
healing caps: 3-7mm, cylindrical and tapered.
customized parts: individual adjustable bar for removable suprastructures, individual abutments possible with 3D-planning.
Οmanufacturingown production, subtractive
Οkey literatureOsseointegrationsverhalten
regional: represented in Austria, Germany, Iran, Russia, Spain, Turkey.
Οnotes of the companyCMF craniomaxillofacial instruments and tools like screws and plates available. Individual production of implants and tools in titanium and ceramic possible, own production.
Οlast update2018-08-14
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